Participating cantonal police corps

The emergency rescue app is the result of a joint project involving several cantonal police corps and can freely be used on the whole territory of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Police corps of Glarus

Police corps of Freiburg

Schaffhauser Police

Police corps of Appenzell Ausserrhoden

Police corps of Appenzell Innerrhoden

Police corps of St. Gallen

Police corps of Graubünden

Police corps of Thurgau

Cantonal police of Vaudoise

St. Gallen City Police

Frequently Asked Questions

To install the application the user is asked to enter his phone number. Upon making the call, the user shares his location with the emergency response center. Optionally, the user can enter his medical data (see FAQ What is a Medical profile), such as blood type, which medicine he is taking, his GP’s contact number. If entered prior to making the call, the data is automatically sent to the call center in order to have units ready to act upon arrival.
Yes. All Swiss call centers are equipped with the software for smartphone call location acquisition.
Yes – but somewhat different. The emergency app can provide respective emergency numbers of over 190 countries in the world. When calling from abroad it will dial the valid emergency number of the country you are in.
The coordinates of your current location will also be displayed on the screen of your smartphone. You can read out loud these coordinates to the operator, so she can send assistance to your exact location.
The Medical profile allows users to enter information that can be helpful to emergency services. These include allergies (e.g. intolerance to
penicillin) or disease (e.g. epilepsy, etc.). This information is voluntary and will only be shared with the emergency response center in case of emergency.
If the Location services are turned off and GPS is not enabled, you can still make the call but your location cannot be determined.
Just download it from the store (App Store, Google Play or Windows Store) and follow the short instructions.



Schweizerischer Gehörlosenbund SGB-FSS

Kantonspolizei St.Gallen

Kantonspolizei Freiburg

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